K-State Extension Wildlife Management

You will find information about common wildlife in Kansas and how to control them safely. While wildlife can be a nuisance and damage property, they can be managed for safe interaction between people and the animal. Information is also available about managing wildlife habitats. "How to" videos are also available to learn how to set traps, transport trapped animals, and safely release trapped animals.

Private Lands Wildlife Management

Kansas has a surprising diversity of wildlife. It is vital that property owners be advocates and good stewards of the land and take measures that anticipate environmental changes.

This manual can help you incorporate wildlife habitat management into daily life and be an active player in land management.

Wildlife Species

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Wildlife Habitats


Fins, Fur and Feathers

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Drew Ricketts and Joe Gerken host Fins, Fur, and Feathers providing science-based solutions those who are dealing with wildlife or water-related problems, or for those wanting to produce more fish and wildlife from their land. Find Excerpts on the K-State Radio Network, or full episodes are released bi-weekly everywhere podcasts are found.

Wildlife Management Guides on YouTube

Find guides on managing various wildlife species from our extension specialists on our YouTube channel.

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Wildlife Habitat Education Program

Manual for Youth Wildlife contests

Nuisance Wildlife Damage Control

Training Manual

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