BeaverAmong mammals, the beaver is second only to man in ability to alter the environment for their own needs. Mention the name beaver and the imagination conjures up visions of mountainmen exploring the vast wilderness in search of valuable fur. The name also brings forth a positive attribute, industrious; the busy beaver constructing dams, digging canals, building lodges, and felling trees. To many people a beaver pond is synonymous with conservation. The sight of a placid beaver pond with signs of activity, such as peeled branches, slides, freshly cut trees and the odor of a beaver scent mound, produces a tranquil feeling of a peaceful wilderness for many harried urban dwelling humans.

Beaver can be found today on all streams in Kansas that have a year round water supply. Beaver populations have not been static in the state. The history of beaver in Kansas is a classic story in the history of wildlife management. Learn more about beaver in Kansas in the publication at right.

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